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Support Plan
: :  PCS Features

Accounting: Complete Trust Handling:

  • Standard retail and commercial rates by branch
  • Standard retail and commercial rates by client
  • Individual debt override
  • Ability to charge/not charge commissions on court costs recovered

    Transaction Types:
  • paid to us
  • paid direct
  • paid third party agency
  • automatic record of commission due forwarded agency on the three transaction types
  • NSF cheque transactions for the three transactions types
  • error processing and journal entry adjustments
  • client billings for legal fees
  • client/debtor billings for court costs advanced
  • client billings for miscellaneous charges
  • client payments and reversals
  • NSF bank charges
  • bank charges recovered to agency
  • client advances for court costs held in trust
  • court costs contra-ed against funds held in trust
  • flat rate or percentage on transactions flagged as merchandise returned
  • ability to process transactions as settlements
  • payments automatically allocated to bank charges recovered, court costs recovered, costs recovered, interest, and principal
  • ability to override allocation of payments
  • automatic processing of overpayments to control account

  • individual client statements sorted by name, date of transaction or by reference number
  • net, gross and split proceeds
  • weekly and monthly remittance to clients
  • customized format to your statement format
  • compresses transaction format or detailed transaction format
  • automated cheque printing
  • ability to rerun cheques or statements in multiple copies

    Daily Balancing:
  • deposit summary processing provides a summary of transactions processed daily
  • transaction deletion and reinput is handled prior to closing the daily summary
  • transactions are grouped by transaction type
  • trust deposit and general deposit amounts are itemized
  • branch statistics based on summary data for day, month, and year to date
  • summary of commissions by collector
  • payments by collector code with daily and month to date totals

    Monthly Balancing:
  • balanced disbursement verification verifies that statement printing programs are accurate in disbursements compared to the daily balancing statistics
  • record of all NSF transactions for the month for bank reconciliation
  • record of all commission due forwarded agencies for directs and paid us transactions

    Month End Accounting Data:
  • accounts receivables aged current, 30, 60, 90+ days
  • cheque register with client name, cheque numbers and amounts
  • month end statistics on screen or hard copy

  • Sales:

    Client Master:
  • user programmed for client defaults
  • comments for sales result input on-line
  • user programmed for client changes
  • name search for client name
  • hard copy listings by client number or alphabetic
  • client prospect file
  • sales autopilot for scheduling of calls with prioritization criteria

    System Reports:
  • automated debt acknowledgment reports
  • client inventory reports on demand
  • progress reports on individual debtsor by range of debts
  • modem access by clients to their data

  • Other:

  • Automatic assignment of debt numbers and client numbers
  • Automatic assignment/reassignment of debts to collectors
  • No filing or misfiling
  • Automatic first notices
  • Debtor name, sin, address, phone and reference number search
  • Word processing (additional module)
  • Automated statistics

    Skip Tracing:
  • accommodates tracing by collector or by specialty department
  • automatic transfer of accounts between departments
  • accounts flagged as trace on or ended show as such on management reports and client progress reports
  • priorities are user set for trace accounts

  • customized notices for precollections systems
  • notice dunning is automatic if payment not processed
  • expired precollections are automatically set up as regular accounts
  • ability to override commission rates on precollections

  • court costs advanced tracking
  • automatic reduction of court costs through payments
  • non-recoverable legal fees billing to clients
  • ability to contra billings against fund held in trust
  • ability to charge/not charge commission on court costs recovered
  • accommodate legal work by collector or by legal department

  • accounts scheduled automatically by cycle period
  • accounts schedules automatically for NSF cheques
  • accounts scheduled automatically for promise to pay broken
  • new accounts automatically scheduled
  • expired precollection accounts schedules automatically
  • post cycle debts automatically increased in priority
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