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Company Info
Support Plan
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PCS is a subsidiary of PCC, which has been in the collection and credit reporting business for over 60 years.

We are the developers of P.A.C.S. (Professional Automated Collection System) which is currently installed and operating in offices all across Canada. Our application software operates in a Unix Open Server environment which lends a greater stability and less downtime for your business.

In addition to maintaining our application software we provide support for all aspects of our client's operation, including but not limited to Operating Systems, Hardware, Networking, Communications and Data Transfers.

Additionally, PCS has developed over 100 data interface routines to allow our clients to develop electronic transfers with their clients. These transfers include New Listings, Supplementary Information, Update Information, Comments or Memos, Transaction or Financial Information and Closure Information.

PCS maintains an expert staff of technical resource specialists that assist in the ongoing operation of our client's collection business. Changing technologies and evolving methodologies requires the ongoing care, updates and maintenance that we can provide to keep our clients efficient and competitive. The PCS team works with our clients to maintain the latest product revisions, implement the latest features, and ensure that as their business processes change their technological resources stay up to date.
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