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SCO Tackles Microsoft NTŪ:
Newberger, Director of SCO's Server Product Marketing, gives some very compelling reasons why SCO's solutions are ahead of the game when compared to Microsoft NTŪ.

Windows NTŪ contains 35 million lines of mostly new code. "35 million lines of new code is not going to be what major IT managers want to deploy their business critical applications on." SCO UnixWare has been shipping in production quality for over 10 years.

IDC (International Data Corporation) recently carried out an adoption survey proving that UNIX is still dominating in areas such as major databases for large e-commerce installations.

SCO UNIX has unprecidented scalability numbers; 92% linear scalability compared to 75% scalability with Windows NTŪ. (If a system is nearly 100% linearly scalable, for instance, it might need 4MB RAM for one user, 8MB RAM for two users, 12MB RAM for three users, etc. With a lower percentage, it might need 4MB RAM for one user, 8MB RAM for two users and 16MB RAM for three users, etc.).

From a street price perspective, SCO UNIX editions and Windows NTŪ editions are comparable. However, there are hidden costs with Microsoft such as expensive licencing models.

Microsoft has frequent upgrades whereas SCO distributes free patches where there are bugs and "there are only very few bugs, of course".

A cluster consists of multiple mirror computers connected so that if one computer fails, the next will take over. NTŪ's cluster server, Wolfpack, is a solution for only a couple of nodes (computers). On the other hand, SCO UnixWare 7 non-stop clusters can handle up to 12 nodes.

  • SCO UnixWare offers "Event Logging". Event Logging allows you to have a single place where all of the resources, logs, events of the system are put in a single database so that the administrator can diagnose problems from a central place.
  • SCO UnixWare supports multi-path IO which allows you to configure multiple paths to your disk/controller so that in the event of a card/bus/controller/disk failure, you will always have access to your data. comments for sales result input on-line.
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